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Our Projects

Identification Crop Health using AIoT: Soybean Crop

Identification crop health using neural network: soybean, tomato, cotton

We have collected the data from the field with the help of IoT device which is basically based on Raspberry Pi. This hardware including a HQ camera to capture the crop and field images in real time, then process the data for getting fruitful information, we classified the data into healthy & unhealthy crop based on the image processing and features. Then we train the model to get the accuracy.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Automatic hand sanitizer based on embedded systems

We made an automatic hand sanitizer based on embedded systems which is used to enable a quick and easy hand disinfection and eliminates cross contamination, achieving optimal hand hygiene. It operates through advanced infrared sensor to detect the hand as an object.

Lab Automation

Lab Automation short description

Here we propose to use IOT in order to control Lab appliances, the conventional technology converted to IoT just to make our lab automate over the internet. This system uses six loads to demonstrate lab lighting and a fan on the website. We have website to control lights and fan, instead of this we have also an app to control remotely. This project we make to save electricity and human efforts

Women Security System

Women Security System short description

The proposed system is based on AIoT (Artificial Internet of Things) which include GPS, GSM modem, trans receiver, voice recognizer, microcontroller, pulse sensor. The message will be sent to prestored or emergency contacts through GSM. Pulse sensor sense the data of women. voice recognition circuit is added to recognize variable keywords like “Save me”,” help me please”, “Help me” etc. are used to recognize the voice. If the battery is low of mobile or device is damaged then also message will be sent. And even IMEI number also detected to track the victim.


SAR ADC using MATLAB short description

We have done a project on SAR ADC (successive approximation register), which is basically used to data converter with high-speed resolution and high sampling rate to converting analog signals to digital signals. SAR ADC used in architecture for data acquisition systems.

Smart plant health care system

Smart plant health care system short description

This model is a simplification and automation of plant monitoring systems, which help in determining the moisture, temperature and humidity as well as detect the plant condition whether it is healthy plant or unhealthy plant. This project based on AIOT, where data collection through the python framework and the data to the cloud or even we can see the data on GUI

VHF Range Simulator

VHF Range Simulator short description

A Flask Based web application, to find the line of sight, gives the specific coordinates for transmitter and receiver. If the line of sight is not clear, our application will suggest the best location for the receiver end and calculate the FFZclearance and Received Power.

AI-based Automatic fire detection system

AI-based Automatic fire detection system short description

This is an AI-based Automatic Fire detection and alarm system. In this system, four live camera (CCTV) streams will be displayed on the dashboard. Intelligence is working behind the scenes, and as it detects the fire, the alarm will blow off.

Chest x-ray Pneumonia

Chest x-ray Pneumonia short description

This model is based on image processing, where we processed the images of former patients who had Pneumonia. Here in this model, data is directly proportional to accuracy. Once all information is processed program will select the features present in the chest of previous patients.